Leather Repair Miami

It’s been my understanding that many people are of the opinion that worn out Leather Chairs, Sofas, or Ottomans have to be thrown away and replaced for hefty sums of money, thankfully this is “not” the case.

Leather and vinyl Repair has been our expertise for over 20 years.  Our specialty is to make your damage look like new.   Most of our Clients are Furniture Stores, Auto Body Repair Shops, Marine Design Companies.

If your favorite leather or vinyl chair or sofa has a little Rip or a cut on it, if you ignore this minor damage, within a short amount of time it will expand into a larger problem.  The smart thing to do is to fix it while it’s a small and relatively inexpensive problem.

Accidental wine stains are also problems that we can solve in a very affordable way.

Leather interior automotive damage, that’s what car dealerships and insurance companies pay us to do, this an all other vehicular discoloration items.

During our 20 years of active operations we’ve repaired interior damage on all ranges and calibers of vehicles from Ferrari’s to Ford’s.  Plus we will even advise you on how to prevent the problem from occurring again.  Leather care is not difficult, it only takes expert guidance which provide easy explanations.  We also provide Leather sofa cleaning and if your leather receives a lot of user wear and activity we advise that you clean your leather at least once per year in order to extend the quality and life of your leather investment.

Many of our customers have been having their furniture treated annually for 15 years, and as a result the furniture looks as new as the day it was purchased.  A testament to proper technical leather care.

Interior lease repair of your Automobiles,

Many people lease cars today for sound financial reasons. However, lease returns can be expensive if your vehicle has suffered any interior cosmetic damage which goes beyond normal wear and tear as stipulated within your lease agreement.

We repair these damaged items for less money than your return damage assessment will reflect in punitive fees.  Give us a call in order to discover how much money you can save on your interior restoration by having us assess your vehicle before your lease return.  Our automotive & Marine interior repairs cover damages to dashboards, interior rips, and interior trim panels.  Leather tek can restore your vehicle to it’s new appearance.  Call us today.

Take a look at our before & after Leather Repair!

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